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Mistress Alina        www.batheinyourfear.com 



         We all have the secrets we lock deep away in our mind that we don't dare to tell our partners because the
          fear of rejection. If you are looking to explore the submissive side of the lifetsyle, I'll push you to the edge
         of your dark desires, unleash your imagination, and turn them into reality.

         A session with Me can be strict, cruel, evil and even erotic, sexy depending on the scene, and My mood.

         I request My slaves, subs, fetishists, perverts, and cross dressers are spotlessly clean and discreet.    

         Be aware that certain activites I provide are also for the more advanced connoisseur, Whilst willing to
         accept the uninitiated My preference is for those that know the direction they wish to take. The list below
         is not exhaustive, if you have a preference for an idea I have not mentioned please contact Me.

       Session Activities

        * Sensory Deprivation
        * Hard Whipping 
        * Spanking
        * CBT                 
        * Teasing     
        * Smothering        
        * Bondage             
        * Strap on
        * Nipple Torture 
        * Kicking             
        * Spitting              
        * Trampling
        * Face Slapping                 
        * Waxing             
        * Piercing               
        * Feminization
        * Verbal Humiliation    
        * Physical Humiliation     
        * Doggy/Pony training             
        * Punishments
        * Foot/High Heel Stiletto Shoe/Boot Worship   

         Tools: whips, paddles, canes, ropes, collars, chains, ankle restricts, wrists restricts, dildo, oil, wrapper,
         mouth sticking strap, clamps, masks, locks,gloves...